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Attractions in Koh Tao

Take a bike around the island. Koh Nang Yuan, Freedom beach, Laem Thian, Mango Bay, Hin Wong Bay and Tanote Bay are good day excursions, accessible by road or boat. If you rent a scooter, be prepared to turn around or continue by foot since some roads (e.g. to Mango Bay) may be in such condition that you need a dirt bike or a car to ride them. Some beaches are private, but a boat can take you snorkeling to those bays also.

However, to see the best places, go by foot as some are inaccessible to motorists. There are a number of good viewpoints around the island such as John Suwan mountain viewpoint in the South of the island, Two View in the centre and Fraggle Rock in the North.

Those major beaches are:

Mae Haad Beach

The most crowded beach of Koh Tao, Mae Haad is highest developed area with lots of resorts, shops, bars, restaurants, banks, internet cafe' and diving shops. So, it is the most convenient place if you want to travel around too.

Sairee Beach
Sairee Beach has a longest and widest beach of the island. It is a popular places for tourists to stay as a long relaxation. There are several beach bars, nightspots and restaurants. It seems to be the second busiest area, to Mae Haad.

Chalok Ban Khao
This beach is located at the southern part of the island. Chalok Ban Khao is a beautiful stretch of nice sand and certainly less crowded than Sairee. To get here, I suggest 'travel by longtails' from the main ferry.

Chalok Baan Khao, to the south of the island is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative for those wishing to escape the crowds. A multitude of beautiful granite boulders, which nestle both in the forests and on the beaches of Ko Tao, attract a growing number of climbers who visit each year to enjoy the adventurous aspect of their sport.

Haad Thien ("Rocky Bay")
Haad Thien is known among foreign tourists as Rocky Bay. The sea water is absolutely clear and the beach is lined with coconut palms. It is really difficut to get here. Two choices are by a long tail boat or 4-wheel car.
It is surprisingly uncrowded, probably due primarily to the rocky road. Geting here, if you don't mind of a travel.

Ao Leuk
On the eastern side, quiet Ao Leuk is a superb spot to relax and find some peace and quiet. The beach is beautiful and the water is ideal for snorkelling but not too good for swimming.

Tanote Bay
Lined with huge boulders which give Tanote Bay it's unique appearance. Just north of Ao Leuk, the conditions here are very similar and taxi-boats can ferry you between the two.

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